The Movie Extra

F.C. Rabbath demonstrates his versatility by taking on the comedy genre with The Movie Extra. Already acquainted with the works of F.C. Rabbath I was extremely intrigued to see him take on the challenges of the comedy genre, something that should not be done lightly some might say. The Movie Extra is a commentary about the films that are typical of the superhero genre; a sort of thesis of the genre and a fascinating one at that.

The film follows the plight of a movie extra who, fed up with being over shadowed by the main protagonist and sets out to find his creator, the film’s Writer. Embarking on a quest for knowledge to identify the writer and answers about his existential crisis the protagonist evolves through the film meeting different people along the way. The film is sprinkled with wonderful characters including the antagonist aptly named Wayne Bruce, a complete anti-hero. This perhaps, is a more realistic depiction of what a superhero might be like should they ever exist in real life, although I should hope not.

This film is more than just a typical comedy. It manages to combine a clever script with an intriguing philosophical subtext and yet is still funny, lighthearted and easy to watch. The Movie Extra is one to tick off your watched list, you will certainly laugh and feel like you have been entertained at the end. The film is available to stream on Amazon.

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