Scarlet’s Witch

In 2003, I took the life-changing step of turning my hobby into a career. It was exciting and completely nerve-wracking!

Scarlet’s Witch follows the story of Scarlet a young girl who fosters a mother – daughter type relationship with an inconspicuous Witch. As the years progress,  Scarlet and the witch grow closer, that is until she becomes an adult where her life becomes too busy to spend as much time with the witch as she once used to and the relationship becomes strained.

The way in which this film and its characters have been written is very clever. You spend some time trying to gauge the intentions of the witch for she does not fit the stereo-archetype of the genre, apart from the obvious attire and interesting tone of voice. It is clear that some thought has been imbedded into the development of the characters and as the audience you feel a sense of growth, particularly with Scarlet as you see her grow from a young child into an adult.

It is in the literary misdirection that FC Rabbath proves his worth by twisting the story in another direction and then further twisting it once more. I think it is the simplicity of these literary twists that make them work so effectively. Further more, one thing that is positive and true of all of FC Rabbath’s films, including this one is the subtext within the stories. There is always a message that is trying to be conveyed and Scarlet’s Witch is a good example of portraying human relationships, self-image and vanity.

Additionally, there is something special about independent cinema and something that is encapsulated within this film – creativity. The film possesses an elegance of cinematography that will keep you enchanted throughout; some of the shots are quite beautiful to say the least. Scarlet’s Witch is one of those enjoyable films that you could watch repeatedly with the whole family.

Overall, as a piece of independent cinema and as a film as a whole, Scarlet’s Witch is impressive. The whole production value speaks volumes from the editing and post-production to the soundtrack, which compliments the visual stimulus effectively. For something that was shot in only 12 days it’s truly a spectacle of independent filmmaking!

It is with no hesitation that I would recommend this film to all who love original independent cinema, as this is a testimony to the digital revolution that has democratised the film industry over the last few years.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed once you have seen Scarlet’s Witch. I am already anticipating the next FC Rabbath creation.

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