Princes of the Yen

Queue Politely return to our screens with for the first time since 97% percent Owned with the highly anticipated Princes of the Yen.

Richard Werner’s book is adapted for the screen and explores Japan’s post war economy. The documentary pays particular interest to the power of the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Japan analysing their relationship with one another and the public.

The documentary combines first account interview footage with archived videos to speculate upon the motivations of the policy makers and bankers and the conditions and implications this had not only to Japanese society but the wider world. In a world that is so dominated by economics and monetary policies, it becomes evidently clear through this film how ordinary citizens are detrimentally affected by those who we elect to govern us, and who we trust to supposedly put our best interest at the forefront of their decision making.

Adapting books into films is never an easy thing to do, it requires skill and  a mastery of the art that is filmmaking.  As with 97% Owned, Queue Politely have successfully navigated treacherous waters. Princes of the Yen is a powerful and provacative film that possesses visual aesthetics that are rarely seen in the indie film world.

Overall, the documentary succeeds in delivering a thought provoking and engaging narrative that permeates deep into your subconscious. By the time the end credits are rolling you will feel enthused to not only consider our own economic conditions but also to even dare to contemplate an alternative economic structure.  Princes of the Yen is a core learning resource for us, the proletariat, who seek to understand the framework of a deficit spending society and the implications this has not only on us but on our future generations.

I’ll leave you some food for thought. Karl Marx stated in Das Capital, “So long as we allow some people to control productive capital and, again, leave others with nothing to sell but their brains and bodies, the results will be in many ways barely distinguishable from slavery, and the whole system will eventually destroy itself.”

So what’s the alternative you might ask, well I don’t have that answer but at least we have a starting point!

Princes of the Yen is being released today, November 5th (Remember Remember!) on Vimeo & YouTube, you will seriously not want to miss this one!

More information about the film and the production team can be found at

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